Do not trust web services with your data

Shortly after writing The Fake News Cure, I came across two articles by Kit Perez: Digital Privacy Laziness and How to set up an information feed. From the fact that I am linking these, you can gather that I don’t mind them getting attention, so go a give them a read. It’s not required for the rest of my article, though, because I am going to nit-pick on a single advice given there. Continue reading “Do not trust web services with your data”

The Reenactor’s Porn Tumblr feed

It is described as “Pretty faces in pretty kit…maybe its just a reenactor thing, but sometimes I can’t tell which I find more attractive: the person or their kit“. But this wouldn’t be my blog if I got straight to the point, so bear with me 1. Continue reading “The Reenactor’s Porn Tumblr feed”

Living in Australia

As you might have read in On vacation in Australia, I can recommend Sydney for a vacation, if you are the vacation type. I myself am no. I came over to work a bit in the Australian office and check out whether living here for the winter part of the German year is viable, simply trying to avoid winter depression.

It’s a very different perspective if you think about living in a country instead of vacationing. Suddenly issues become relevant that you can ignore as a visitor. Continue reading “Living in Australia”

On vacation in Australia

If you ever wanted to go to Australia for a vacation, I can recommend it. I myself never get this need for travelling, but a lot of Germans seem to consider it a worthy trip. And that might be due to the fact that it is hard to get away any further. Well, technically, there is a wet spot a few hundred kilometers east of the coast of New Zealand that is exactly the opposite of where I live in Germany. But after 30hrs of flight, teensy details like that NZ is another 4 hours by plane stop to matter. Continue reading “On vacation in Australia”

Leaving Twitter and Facebook

This is, I think, the third time in nearly two decades that I start a blog for publishing content instead of just toying with technology. The first two started when I went away for a while and wanted to stay in touch. This time might look similar, as I am in Australia as of writing, but it is based on an issue even closer to my heart: Freedom, plain and simple. Let me explain: Continue reading “Leaving Twitter and Facebook”

In Australia

They say the heat and the flies here can drive a man insane. But you don’t have to believe that, and nor does that bright mauve elephant that just cycled past.
Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent

Several people have noticed I went to Australia for a while and asked how I like it. And well, guess the main point of setting up another blog was to answer exactly those questions once for everyone and save me from the awkward “oh, I thought I told you already” moments.

After starting this as one article, I figured that I was again writing stuff that is too long. People may blame the internet generation and their attention span, but there is nothing wrong making stuff easier to be read. So here are the separate articles: