These are the personal pages of me, Tobias Prinz. There are actually a bunch of people with that name. I’m the software developer, born in Germany in the early eighties. That might help identify me.

I run a few dedicated websites, this is my personal page that collects all that does not fit there. Sometimes I write in German, sometimes English, that’s why this is the only one of my blogs that┬áhas a nifty language filter.

My dedicated pages are:

  • tobiasprinz.biz – I’ve been a professional software dev for over a decade, so occasionally I ramble about coding, architecture and ┬áthe whole development process up to running a team. English only, because all developers should know English.
  • ebbefestung.de – I’m a gun guy. And a gun culture member. This is me giving back. It is about training, gear, mindset and rights. Since there are a lot of good writers in the US writing in English already, this is German only.