Rules for me on this blog, not for you, obviously.


There are no comments on this blog. I value conversations with blog authors, but those can be made in private via mail. Opposed to that, a comment is usually written for the world to see. In publicly visible comments, there is a fine line between talking to the author and talking about them. It takes a lot of moderation and community-building work make the comment section work. Even on most blogs I cherish, I abhor the comment section. So I am not bothering with that here.


There are no full names of people, unless they can be considered persons of public interest. I do not like outing people against their will and this is the most basic step to prevent that. That’s why I use initials. And since the alphabet is limited and my memory even more, the same person might be referred to by different initials and the same initials might refer to different people.

Trigger warnings and language

There are no trigger warnings (except to make fun of them) and will be no attempt to avoid coarse language. If that bothers you, go fuck yourself. In the face. With a chainsaw.


Doesn’t exist. So I am not going to lie about it existing.

Article update policy

I am fond of rewriting articles. I prefer to update articles instead of writing a new one. So do not expect what you read now to match what you read a year ago. That is, unless I completely change my position, which ought to merit a new article. I’ll avoid changing history. But we’ve always been at war with Eastasia.