Welcome to the pages of Tobias Prinz.

Well, the pages of one Tobias Prinz, there is a bunch of others. So here's some info to identify me:

By trade, I am a software developer. I've been doing this professionally since 2000. I've worked on a big, leading-bleeding edge PIM software for a few years in the early 2000s. I have led a few small software start-ups in the camping scene as CTO in the 2020s. They did not crash and burn, so I think that counts as "successful". I've done all sorts of coding in-between.

By conviction, I am a maker. While I enjoy bits and bytes, I also love steel, wood, cloth, plastics and paints. You might know me as a blacksmith from the museum Bremecker Hammer or from discussions regarding the early Cupcake CNC.

For relaxation, I also do a bunch of physical activities like weight lifting and self-defense stuff (I've written ebbefestung.de for a few years) as well as some gaming on tabletops or the computer. We might have met during fitness-related seminars (functional stuff mostly) or self-defense courses with SC Int'l. We might have butted heads on the old larpinfo.de forums. We might have worked together at the THW.

By stroke of luck, I am also a father, a husband and a Sauerländer stranded in the internet wasteland near Cologne. But I won't delve into that here, I'm just giving you enough to figure out which of the many guys named Tobias Prinz I am.

If you want to get in touch, I am still in love with e-mail as I was 25 years ago. You can write to me at [email protected]. Yes, modern AI has it made impossible to hide e-mails from spammers. Luckily the same AI has made filtering so much better ;-)

A wearer of many hats